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Kids Yoga

Yoga for kids is gaining in popularity with good reason. Just as yoga can be an empowering life tool for adults, yoga for kids helps them adopt healthier habits, increases their confidence and encourages a more resilient outlook on life. Instilling these attributes into our children at a young age is a brilliant way of helping them cope with all aspects of growing up.

Not only does yoga encourage kids to get active in a fun way, it helps them learn how to focus, teaches them about the mind-body connection and gives them invaluable tools to deal with stress and the rollercoster of emotions they feel everyday. It gives them an opportunity to slow down and look inside themselves for answers to the many questions that run around their little minds all day long.

With the constant barrage of external stimuli through television, iPads, electronic games and video games it is easy for children to feel overwhelmed and over stimulated. This can especially be the case where there is a consistent habit of hyperactive behavior , an inability to settle themselves and focus on a task and a constant need to be entertained. Yoga can help children learn how to quiet the mind and focus on one thing and this is an invaluable tool for them to learn at a young age, as this is not simply a problem when you are young, this is an issue which is easily carried through to adulthood.

Any child can benefit from being involved in a regular yoga class, however, particularly if you feel your child has any of the following challenges:-

  • Inability to focus on tasks at home or at school
  • Finds it difficult to entertain themselves
  • Suffers from hyperactivity or lethargy
  • Suffers from general crankiness
  • Is anxious
  • Frequently engages in inappropriate behavior

Classes are split into appropriate developmental stage age groups 4-6, 7-9, 10-13

Kids Yoga Classes

Kids Yoga Parties

Kids Yoga for Schools

Course of 6 x 1 Hour Classes 1 Hour Session 30 Minute Session
€50/Child €8/Child €4/Child
10% Discount for 2 or more siblings attending same class 10% Discount for parties greater than 10 kids 10% Discount for Classes greater than 15 kids

For more information on upcoming classes you can find details here or here or to arrange to book a Yoga Session for a birthday party or for your school you can contact me here.


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Alexandra Carey is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Health Coach and owner of Carey Yoga + Nutrition and Aislinn Yoga Lodge. For more information on becoming a client. attending a yoga class, or collaborating as a health professional contact or call 0876861844.

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