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Life Tools | New Series

“Life Tools”? What does that even mean? In part, these are the most important skills that we did not learn in school. These are the skills that you summon when life throws “bad” people and situations your way. As humans, we filter our experiences through our own perception and how it makes us feel – it’s all very personal, and it is very rare when we are in the middle of a stressful situation that we are able to think rationally for the good of our health!

From my own personal experience of being a woman, wife, mother, yoga teacher and recently finding myself in the middle of “bad” situations, which were extremely stressful and unexpected, it made me realise how wholly unequipped I was to handle “serious” stress. I say serious because obviously there are different degrees of stress that we have to manage in our lives, ranging from office politics to grief. However, when you have the right life tools in your arsenal of coping methods, you will be more aware of how to deal with situations, whatever degree of severity, as they come, and employ some Life Tools to help get you through, rise up and move on.

I believe stress has a cumulative effect. The more unresolved stress we have in our lives, the bigger and more unmanageable it starts to get. And soon, before we know it, it can make us very unhappy, exhausted, in physical pain and it really starts to affect every aspect of our lives.

As a yoga teacher to both adults and kids, I like to incorporate as many life tools as I can into our practice and this series on the Blog is an extension of what I teach in my classes. I know it’s not easy to incorporate more things into our already busy lives. I commend people all the time for taking the time out and coming to a yoga class! However, the older I get and the more experience of life I have, the more I think the most important thing we can do for ourselves and by extension, our family and friends (and the wider world!), is learn how to deal with stress, the daily kind and the bigger unexpected kind; learn ways to manage it so it doesn’t build into something that becomes unmanageable.

I am really excited about starting this series on the CYN blog. Self-care and personal development is something I am so passionate about. But truth be told, I have found the biggest challenge to put a lot of what I know into practice in my own life. I am a firm believer that the best teachers are those who live and practice what they preach; authenticity has been a word that has resonated deeply with me as I have negotiated my role as a yoga teacher and as a woman.

I have found new meaning in the “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” adage, whether I like it or not. And it is from this experience I feel confident that I have found Life Tools that really work, and I have been the most unwilling student, but I have learned!! So I hope you enjoy this series, learn, reflect, be open and reach out if you want to.

The Life Tools | Series will be every Friday to give you food for thought over the glorious weekends.

Namasté and Big Love, Alex xx


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Alexandra Carey is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Health Coach and owner of Carey Yoga + Nutrition and Aislinn Yoga Lodge. For more information on becoming a client. attending a yoga class, or collaborating as a health professional contact or call 0876861844.


  1. Barbara says

    Beutifully written Alexandra! I have finally, in my 71st. year started to look after Barb! I am seriously considering doing a yoga class, but have issues putting any pressure on my knees. Any suggestions?

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