Month: March 2018

Yoga Immersion | March

What better way to get ready for that glorious break at Easter than kick starting the holiday with a gorgeously extended Yoga session!   Join me at Aislinn Yoga Lodge in Waterville for 2.5 hours of Yoga, Relaxation, Healthy Nibbles, Tea + Chats on Saturday, 24 March at 10am.   This immersion class is suitable for all levels of ability. What makes this class different from a normal class is the beautiful addition of time. We get to spend a little bit longer in each element of our practice which increases the benefits all around. More time to connect allows your mind, body and spirit to go deeper into your practice, and if this sounds cliché, join me and you’ll see…I promise 😉   The cost is €40. To book your mat or to get some more info you can contact me here , by phone 0876861844 or by email   Spaces are limited, so be sure to book early.   Namasté, Alex xxx

Juice Box |Vit Hit C

I have a bit of a love/dislike (hate is too strong!) relationship with juicing. I absolutely love how it makes me feel, but I really dislike all the prep and washing the juicer! So I tend to go through phases. Right now I’m into juicing in a big way. I’ve started getting a Juicing Box delivered with my weekly Veg box from Rocket Deliveries and I can’t help but be super inspired seeing this rainbow coming through my door every week. Keeping my immune system supported is my number one priority right now as there are so many colds and flus doing the rounds I’m in need of some serious nutritional support. Juicing is amazing for boosting your daily intake of nutrients as the body metabolises it much quicker without the fiber. Helpful as well if you are sick with a diminished appetite! This week I had all of the right ingredients to make a juice really high in vitamin C. Heavy on citrus fruits, this juice is super tangy to taste with the added bonus …