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Chair Yoga Could be the Solution You’ve Been Looking For!

Chair yoga is absolutely a thing and could be the solution you’ve been looking for to help improve mobility when you are feeling very immobile.

I have lots of people tell me that they would love to try yoga but they find it challenging to get up from the floor, or that an injury is preventing them from performing weight bearing tasks or that they are worried that they wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the poses because they are really inflexible. All of these concerns are completely valid and in some extreme cases these issues would prevent a person from participating in a regular class.

The unfortunate part about letting the above reasons stop you from doing yoga or engaging in exercise, is that in the majority of cases, movement, stretching, strengthening and toning is exactly what you need in order to start improving the way the body moves and feels.

Another major benefit of engaging in a yoga practice, is the mental benefits that it can provide. We all know that when the body isn’t functioning properly, or we have been trying to recover from an injury it can really affect our mental health and in extreme cases this lack of control and confidence we have in our body can even lead to depression.

The beauty of yoga is it is well and truly for every body, sometimes the practice just needs to be adapted by an experienced teacher to suit YOUR body. Chair yoga is a wonderfully adaptive practice in which you can reap all of the benefits of a normal class in a comfortable and accessible way.

Who Can Benefit from a Chair Yoga Practice

  • If you feel you are getting less mobile with age;
  • If you find it hard to get up off the floor, off a low chair, out of bed or to climb up stairs;
  • If you have stiffness or pain in the joints due to age or arthritis;
  • If you experience pain or weakness by performing weight bearing tasks;
  • If you struggle with spatial awareness or balance issues. This is particularly important for people who may have a medical condition the reduces bone density;
  • If you are recovering from an injury or operation where your movement is restricted;
  • If you are feeling generally unwell with low energy levels. This feeling can effect the physical body as well as our mental health.
  • If you are suffering from or recovering from mental health issues like depression and do not feel ready to put yourself in a group setting.

Below I have made put together a short, 10 minute sequence that you could do at your desk today during your lunch break, or this evening when your waiting for your dinner to cook. You will be so surprise how making some very small changes to your daily routine can make such a big difference to your overall health and well being!


I hope that you found all of this useful. If you would like to book a private one-to-one Chair Yoga session with me, or talk a little more about how Chair Yoga could help you, please contact me here!!

Namasté, Alex xx


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Alexandra Carey is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist, Health Coach and owner of Carey Yoga + Nutrition and Aislinn Yoga Lodge. For more information on becoming a client. attending a yoga class, or collaborating as a health professional contact or call 0876861844.

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