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Yoga for Weight Release + Well Being 7 Week Course | 10 January 2019

Do you want to start 2019 off feeling empowered to make your health and well being a priority? Then join me at Aislinn Yoga Lodge for an inspirational 7 week course on the 10 January 2019. You will learn how to develop a consistent yoga practice to keep your body healthy. You will learn how to release tension and emotional stress so you can make room in your mind for healthy choices to come naturally. And you will learn practical lifestyle tips that will empower you to never feel out of alignment with how you want to look or feel again.

Yoga is the all around best vehicle to ensure that you get the results you want in a really fun and joyful way. You will not feel one ounce of deprivation or punishment with this program. You will feel totally empowered and confident that you can achieve the very best version of YOU in a way that feels natural and fun.

Did I mention this course will empower you 😉

NB*** This is not a diet! Nor is it a killer cardio workout! And we will not be counting anything here except for our breaths and our blessings. Everything you learn on your mat will be easily implemented at home and into family life!

Absolutely suitable for men and women, couples, besties, parents and kids (over 16).

What we will be doing over the 7 weeks…

#1 Yoga

Through a dynamic, Vinyasa style class (learn about Vinyasa here), where we move at a good pace through a variety of toning and strengthening yoga poses, you will learn how to tune in and connect to your body. This is so vital when setting out to get the body you want. If you don’t have a positive and intuitive relationship with the physical body it is extremely difficult to make healthy decisions because our habits are based on externally driven wants rather than internally driven needs.

#2 Setting an Intention | Visualization | Managing Stress

Setting an intention (known as the Sankalpa in Yogic terms) (learn more about the power of intentions here ) or establishing a goal is essential to the success and fruition of anything you set out to do!  Visualizing what achieving that goal is going to look like in your life is as important as the goal itself. Carving out the space and time to do this act of setting your intention and visualizing the successful result is the catalyst to achieving the body you want and how you’re going to feel when you get it!

Managing stress through the practice of meditation and breath work will also feature in the weekly class. Stress is top of the food chain when it comes to getting knocked off track when you’re moving towards your goal. Not to mention being an invaluable tool for life in general!

#3 Food + Eating Education

There are a few golden rules when it comes to developing a healthy relationship with food. The beauty is they are simple and at the end of each class we will explore tips on how to plan, prep and eat to support your intentions and keep you on track to achieving the body you want and over all well being!!

Everything we cover in class will be emailed to you at the end of the week so you can practice and implement everything you have learned at home with ease.

Start Date: Thursday, 10 January 2019

Class Time: 7pm – 8:30pm

Location: Aislinn Yoga Lodge, Upper Tarmons, Waterville, County Kerry

Course Duration: 7 Weeks (last class on 21 February 2019 )

Cost: €120

Additional Info:

  • Yoga mats are provided
  • Additional one-to-one coaching is available on request for an additional cost
  • No previous experience of yoga is required, however this class won’t be suitable for those suffering from an injury or medical concern that would inhibit movement.
  • Spaces are limited so be sure to book your mat as soon as possible!
  • A deposit will be required on booking and full payment will be required at the first class.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on 087 6861844.

To book your space please fill out the form below!

Yoga For Weight Release + Well Being



Yoga for Weight Release + Well Being

Payment in Full


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