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Rustic Sweet Potato Loaf

Gluten Free | Dairy Free

I used to be so intimidated by gluten free baking. It really used to be the case that every gluten free bread recipe you would find would have strange ingredients (xanthum gum) or tonnes and tonnes of oil and sweetener.

Thankfully gluten free baking is now so mainstream, there are loads of brilliant recipes out there. Recipes that aren’t scary and that actually turn out tasty and fluffy and do make the whole gluten free vibe, a pleasure rather than a pain.

This bread was really born out of my desire not to go to the shop to get bread! And I am always in possession of one or more sweet potatoes lurking around the pantry drawer crying out to be put to good use.



Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Line a small loaf tin with parchment paper. Steam sweet potatoes for about 15 mins or until soft. Drain the steaming water out of the pan but hold a little back. Add the sweet potatoes and pureé with a hand blender (this is to save on the washing up!!). Allow the sweet potatoes to cool a little and then add your eggs and oil and mix together thoroughly. Add in the flour and baking powder and few grinds of sea salt. Combine well but don’t over mix.

Pour the mixture into your prepared tin. The mixture will be quite thick. Bake in the oven for about 30 mins or until a fork comes out clean.

Tip the loaf out onto your cooling rack and leave to cool for about 15 mins.

This bread is really nice toasted with some almond butter and jam, tahini and date syrup or savory with soup or hummus.

If you want to freeze it, I would recommend slicing it up and separating it with parchment paper, storing it in a freezer proof container and taking portions out as you need.

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