Hello and welcome! If you don’t know me, let me introduce myself…

My name is Alex and I am a mom to a gorgeous little boy who gives me joy and challenges me in equal measures! I am also a yoga teacher, nutritionist and health coach.

Carey Yoga + Nutrition is my little health and wellness business down in the beautiful South West of Ireland. I have the privilege to work in the community that I grew up in and I spread my love of yoga and food to all who want to listen.

A gap year in Thailand in my early 20s kicked off my yoga journey and had a lot to do with my love affair with fresh food, made lovingly and mindfully from scratch. Before I became a mom, my downtime was spent on food and yoga blogs or leafing through cookbooks (yes, I was (am) a little bit of geek but I’m ok with it;-0). I used  to get a big thrill from meal planning and batch cooking (I still do, but I have a fussy little eater so I’ve had to dial down the adventurousness) for the week ahead. My yoga practice was consistent, but very much physically focused. I didn’t have a lot of time for centering work or meditation, but a strong vinyasa practice would set me right for just about anything so it was all good!

Things started to change when I had my son and hit 30. My downtime was no longer mine and my focus started to turn inwards in a big way. All the mommy instincts dialed up and all I wanted to do was give my baby the best possible start in life. My corporate career ambitions seemed to turn off completely and I turned all of my attention to how I could balance a fulfilling work life with being a mom who could be completely present.

Carey Yoga + Nutrition started to take root in my head and the rest is history.

I studied with the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health undertaking their Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Health Coaching. At the same time I trained with the amazing Yoga Diploma in Cork in 2013 completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training course. I began teaching full time in 2015, starting Carey Yoga + Nutrition with a view to providing a well rounded health and wellness service that served as a springboard to achieving a variety of health goals, yoga principles at the core of every solution.

Most yoga teachers I know are perpetual students. Always seeking out new ways to serve their students. I’m no different. Since my initial training, I have completed my Kids Yoga Teacher Training with the elbowroom in Dublin in 2016, and this was a complete game changer. It not only opened my eyes to how yoga can help kids be happier and more resilient but it really made me think of how amazing it would be if we all had the opportunity to develop these skills at a young age. It impressed on me the importance of getting yoga out there to a younger population and into schools and it has become one of my most popular classes and one that I enjoy teaching the most!

Most recently I completed my pre-natal yoga training at the Prenatal Yoga Training Centre in Wexford. Again, this training was an inspiration. It helped me develop and hone my teaching even further, connecting me to a passion for women’s health that has been a guiding force in the direction of Carey Yoga + Nutrition ever since.

My passion for yoga permeates everything I do. I use the principles of yoga and the practice of yoga to create a blueprint for living a healthy and balanced life. Yoga helps me to navigate the challenges of parenting, relationships, “everyday” stress (see getting cut off in traffic) and “big” stress (see illness or grief). I take the lessons that I learn through my own experiences and apply them to my teaching. I strive to be as authentic as possible which means that I teach from the heart. The space that I occupy in this moment of my life as an imperfect human, a woman in my 30s, a mom, a wife, a perpetual student, someone who lives in the country and someone who is intensely passionate about yoga and food, informs my work at all levels.

What you will find here on the blog are articles about yoga (obvs!), parenting, kids yoga and pregnancy. Articles about food and recipes that are simple and healthy, nothing too fancy!  I think we should all be feminists and I write (unapologetically) from a deeply feminine point of view. You will also find class schedules, upcoming events and news about local businesses that share my ethos. And details of services that I offer to private clients on a one to one or private group basis.

Everything you see here is real. I like things to be pretty and polished and professional, but I promise you the essence of everything I share is based on experience, comes from the heart and is a little messy. The fact that I am a yoga teacher does not mean that I am always calm and stress free, far from it. The fact that I am a nutritionist does not mean that I don’t eat chocolate and pizza and drink wine! I wouldn’t be able to offer you anything of value if I lived in a bubble of some curated idea of “perfection”. My greatest teachers have been those who live life and are a bit (see very!) messy, but they teach from an authentic place deep within. I try to remind myself of this whenever I am about to put a bit of myself out there in the world.

If you find just one thing of value here, that makes me happy. If you want to get in touch you can find me on all of the usual places FB + IG + email.

Namasté, love and light,

xx Alex