Author: Alexandra Carey

Peanut Butter Swirl Sweet Potato Brownies | Recipe

I am forever on the hunt for new ways to sneak vegetables into anything I can feed my fussy little eater. Obviously a safe bet would be something that resembles cake, right? But even the most delicious sweet treat, made from healthier ingredients, sometimes can’t even pass the “Dylan” test. He is so wise to mommies’ tricks that I have to get up pretty early in the morning to get vegetables into him!

Self – Love | The Real Deal

There are a variety of different reasons we end up in a state of health that is less than optimum.  Low energy, excess weight, unexplained aches and pains, unhealthy habits and a lack of direction are all a result of some form of disconnect between what is going on on the inside and what is going on on the outside. And a lot of the time it can be as a result of us simply not stopping for a moment and reconnecting with ourselves, in a loving way, rather than the reflex reaction of chastising ourselves for why ever it is that we think we are feeling (or looking) poorly.  Self – love is a term that is tossed around a lot these days and while a superficial understanding of what it means to love ourselves would say we need to take more candlelit bubble baths (which I am all for BTW!), a true love is an internal feeling of unconditional kindness, understanding, care and forgiveness. So ask yourself, do you love yourself unconditionally? Do you speak …

Yoga Based Solutions

I believe that the secret to feeling good and looking your best hinges on developing a loving and caring relationship with yourself. That is why, for me, Yoga provides a perfect gateway to achieving health and happiness for the long term. Yoga allows us to learn how to listen, really listen, to what is going on inside. Our internal world can tell us so much about what we really need, rather than what we think we want. Cultivating a Yoga practice and opening your mind up to the possibility that you can be truly happy and content in your own skin no matter what circumstances life throws at you, can be the greatest give you will ever give yourself. I am a Yoga teacher and Nutritionist and I have developed a unique program which can help anyone achieve whatever health goal it is that they would like to achieve. Yoga Based Solutions is a method that combines developing a consistent yoga and meditation practice with making healthier choices when it comes to what we eat …