Author: Alexandra Carey

Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy

If there was ever a time to start a deep relaxation practice, it’s during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a period of profound change in a woman’s life. Not only do hormonal changes cause a woman to feel hyper sensitive to the environment around her, but internal feelings ranging from empowerment and strength to fear and vulnerability can arise at lightening speed, swinging from one emotion to the next in a heart beat.

Simple Green Lentil Dal Recipe

Two factors have brought Dal into heavy rotation in my house recently. The first are these very cool, dry November days in Sofia and the second is as I’m nearing completion of my Ayurveda studies, Dal is such a beautiful dish to play and experiment with the various spices used in Ayurvedic cooking. I’ve tried a lot of recipes over the last month and I have finally landed on what, to me, is the perfect balance of texture, spice, acidity and deliciousness. I’ve found that Dal can be a delicate dance between too spicy and not spiced enough, too stodgy or too soupy, too earthy or too acidy! You will obviously have your own opinion on these things and that’s kind of the beauty of Dal, it’s so versatile its a really easy dish to play around with and find your perfect balance of flavors which you love. And once you find it, it’s such a nice recipe to have in your repertoire as it’s so nourishing, really cheap and very cheerful! Simple Green Lentil …

New Beginnings

If Yoga has taught me anything, it’s how to find solid ground when there’s an earthquake. For me, this has been a lesson that has been hard fought to be learned. But as with anything, practice seems to make perfect, so the universe does like to test me (frequently) just to make sure that I’m really getting the message!

Peanut Butter Swirl Sweet Potato Brownies | Recipe

I am forever on the hunt for new ways to sneak vegetables into anything I can feed my fussy little eater. Obviously a safe bet would be something that resembles cake, right? But even the most delicious sweet treat, made from healthier ingredients, sometimes can’t even pass the “Dylan” test. He is so wise to mommies’ tricks that I have to get up pretty early in the morning to get vegetables into him!