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Health Coach, Nutritionist + Yoga Teacher

Hi, I’m Alexandra Carey, the owner of Carey Yoga + Nutrition. My mission as a health and wellness coach is to provide you with the most effective ways for you to achieve your absolute best health. Not through dieting, not through insane workouts, not through turning your lifestyle into something that is unrecognizable from what it is right now. No, my aim is to bring balance and simplicity into your life by helping you to reconnect with your natural ability to feel amazing, everyday.  There is no secret to feeling good, the ability to feel good is inherent in all of us, sometimes we have just been disconnected with this innate quality in our lives as a result of constantly looking outwards. My passion is to help you bring your focus inwards. To allow you to take control of how you feel again. I look forward to embarking on this journey of reconnection with you! Namasté + Big Love, Alexandra