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Up + Coming for 2018!!

I am already planning for 2018 because I know the more organised I am now…the more I can relax over the Christmas holidays… I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to get organised for the NY **to ensure the best possible start!**so I am delighted to be able to share my Yoga Class Timetable, Ideal Weight + Vibrant Health Course and Yoga Immersion all coming up at the start of 2018! I am taking bookings and offering Gift Vouchers now  for all 2018 classes, courses + workshops. I will also be in Kerry Acupuncture Clinics on Friday 8 December, where I will be giving 10% off ALL bookings and vouchers so pop into to see me there and get your yoga organised for a great start to 2018! ***There will be a teeny tiny change to my weekly classes for the NY, this is to ensure I can offer you the best possible practice, on a consistent basis and you can relax even more in the knowledge that your mat is secured!  Classes will run …


Saturday, 11 November 10am – 12.30pm Take your practice to the next level with 2.5 hours of Yoga bliss. This immersion will allow you the space and time to revel in each aspect of your practice. Gathering in Aislinn Yoga Lodge, an intimate setting with stunning views, I will lead us into a deep pranayama (breath work) + asana (poses) practice with a luxurious Yoga Nidra (“yogic sleep”) relaxation at the end, followed by healthy snacks + teas and opportunity to chat to fellow yogis or ask me questions. There is no better way to start a weekend!! Spaces are very limited so advance booking is highly encouraged. ***Special Early Bird Offer*** €35 if booked and paid for by the 27 October 2017. €40 if booked after the 27 October 2017. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat! xx Namasté, Alex Call 0876861844 or email to book your space.

Life Tools | Gratitude

“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing“. Dr Seuss We are all a little guilty of getting caught up in negativity. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten annoyed with someone cutting me off in traffic, my husband not listening, someone saying they would do something and not doing it…the list is endless. Fine, we get annoyed, frustrated, s*** happens, but have you ever found yourself spending an inordinate amount of time allowing these negative thoughts to high-jack your mind? Particularly in times of stress, the busy kind or the serious kind. I bet if you took note of what you were actually thinking on a daily basis you would find that a lot of it wasn’t good. It is very easy to spend 10 minutes having a “pretend” argument in your mind with the person who p***** you off! We all do it, but what purpose does it serve only to prolong the bad experience. And if we allow our mind to continually go to this …

Life Tools | New Series

“Life Tools”? What does that even mean? In part, these are the most important skills that we did not learn in school. These are the skills that you summon when life throws “bad” people and situations your way. As humans, we filter our experiences through our own perception and how it makes us feel – it’s all very personal, and it is very rare when we are in the middle of a stressful situation that we are able to think rationally for the good of our health! From my own personal experience of being a woman, wife, mother, yoga teacher and recently finding myself in the middle of “bad” situations, which were extremely stressful and unexpected, it made me realise how wholly unequipped I was to handle “serious” stress. I say serious because obviously there are different degrees of stress that we have to manage in our lives, ranging from office politics to grief. However, when you have the right life tools in your arsenal of coping methods, you will be more aware of how to …

Tomato + Avocado Salsa

Tomato + Avocado Salsa Is there anything more divine than a fresh off the vine tomato? Paired with garlic and avocado you’re onto a winner. If you’re local to the South West Kerry region be sure to make out Kim and her market stall Rocket Deliveries at the Caherciveen Farmer’s Market on Friday and the market at Ballinskelligs on Sundays! Enjoy!! xx Alex