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Up + Coming for 2018!!

I am already planning for 2018 because I know the more organised I am now…the more I can relax over the Christmas holidays… I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to get organised for the NY **to ensure the best possible start!**so I am delighted to be able to share my Yoga Class Timetable, Ideal Weight + Vibrant Health Course and Yoga Immersion all coming up at the start of 2018! I am taking bookings and offering Gift Vouchers now  for all 2018 classes, courses + workshops. I will also be in Kerry Acupuncture Clinics on Friday 8 December, where I will be giving 10% off ALL bookings and vouchers so pop into to see me there and get your yoga organised for a great start to 2018! ***There will be a teeny tiny change to my weekly classes for the NY, this is to ensure I can offer you the best possible practice, on a consistent basis and you can relax even more in the knowledge that your mat is secured!  Classes will run …


Yoga for Cycling Workshops We had a brilliant workshop in Tech Amergin in May, the only complaint being it was too short! So I’m delighted to announce 2 upcoming workshops in June. As the Ring of Kerry cycle is imminent and I know a lot of you are training hard for it I thought it would be really beneficial to dedicate these workshops to learning how your yoga practice can enhance your training and the main event itself. We will be covering stretches you can do before and after your cycle and poses that can develop the key muscles which power us on the bike. In addition we will talk about how to fuel the body with smoothies (plus a smoothie demo + tasting) and key nutrients that can help performance and recovery. Caherciveen Workshop 10am-12pm Saturday, 17 June 2017 Kerry Acupuncture Clinics + Caherdaniel Workshop 10am-12pm, Saturday, 24 June 2017 Community Centre €40 For more info or to book, call, text or FB me 087 6861844


This is a 2 hour workshop on HOW TO TAKE YOUR PRACTICE TO THE NEXT LEVEL. It doesn’t matter what stage your yoga journey is currently at, you could be at the very beginning, in the middle or just about to start, this workshop is designed to suit everyone. We will be covering the following, in depth:- CENTERING EXERCISES: we will delve into why centering before your practice is so important and how you can get the most from your centering exercises; SETTING INTENTIONS: or setting a San Kalpa. We will explore the significance of setting an intention at the beginning of your practice and how you can set an intention that makes an impact; FUNDAMENTAL POSES: or Asanas. We will spend a little more time, workshop style, in our poses, talking about benefits and alignment cues; USING PROPS: we will have the most common props to hand and will explore how and why they can be of huge benefit to our practice; RELAXATION:  or Shavasana.  Learn how to tune into this fundamental part of your yoga practice; NUTRITION: learn …