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Yoga Nidra for Pregnancy

If there was ever a time to start a deep relaxation practice, it’s during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a period of profound change in a woman’s life. Not only do hormonal changes cause a woman to feel hyper sensitive to the environment around her, but internal feelings ranging from empowerment and strength to fear and vulnerability can arise at lightening speed, swinging from one emotion to the next in a heart beat.

Kids Yoga | Valentines Day 💖

Doing Yoga with your little ones is such a fun way to connect and its much easier than you think. Even if you don’t practice yoga yourself there are great resources for free online that you can use or you can buy some kids yoga books or practice cards on Amazon to give you some inspiration. Whenever I teach yoga to kids, the one thing I really notice that gets them engaged more than anything else, is when they have a theme. A holiday theme is one of the best as kids always get excited about holidays! Valentines day and yoga really is a match made in heaven, more so than any of the other holidays because Yoga is essentially about love and kindness. Another really beautiful benefit of planning a little Yoga practice with your kids to celebrate a holiday is that it can be a nice change of pace from the commercial element that really has taken over most of our holidays. Instead of chocolate and teddy bears, maybe just spend a bit …

Deconstruct Your Asana | Low Lunge

Low Lunge | Anjaneyasana   Instructions Come to an all fours, table top position. Take a moment to bring the knees to hip distance apart. Coming up on the finger tips, move the right foot forward to come on the inside of the right hand. Take a moment to make sure the right knee is now stacked over the right ankle and the knee is tracking the middle toes. The back hip will move forward away from the stack of the back knee into a deep lunge. There are two options for the position of the back foot. It may feel more stable to have the back toes curled under or you may want to rest on the top of the foot. Lengthen through the top of the head to elongate the spine. While pressing firmly into your base. Inhale taking the right hand ontop of the thigh and the left hand ontop of that. Take a moment here to find your balance and engage the tummy muscles (thinking of having a corset around the …