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New Beginnings

If Yoga has taught me anything, it’s how to find solid ground when there’s an earthquake. For me, this has been a lesson that has been hard fought to be learned. But as with anything, practice seems to make perfect, so the universe does like to test me (frequently) just to make sure that I’m really getting the message!

Light Bites | Salsa Verde

Summer is here!!! And not just on the calendar, we are having glorious weather in Ireland. It’s so unusual. I am still shocked every morning when I wake up to sunshine and I can take my morning coffee outside!! It’s such a treat. I’ll cry when it goes ;-( But the sunshine definitely poses some problems in the kitchen. For me anyway, I’m not used to cooking for this weather. My small man wouldn’t eat a salad if I bribed him with all the Lego in Legoland and my big man wouldn’t be that keen either… This evening all I wanted was fresh and light, but filling and something the rest of them would actually eat. And most importantly, I didn’t want to have to turn the oven on for very long (#sweating)! I had all of these gorgeous herbs brightening up my kitchen, thriving away in the sunshine and the staple garlic, strong mustard, capers and olive oil so I hatched a plan to make some Salsa Verde. I grilled some free range chicken …