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Simple Green Lentil Dal Recipe

Two factors have brought Dal into heavy rotation in my house recently. The first are these very cool, dry November days in Sofia and the second is as I’m nearing completion of my Ayurveda studies, Dal is such a beautiful dish to play and experiment with the various spices used in Ayurvedic cooking. I’ve tried a lot of recipes over the last month and I have finally landed on what, to me, is the perfect balance of texture, spice, acidity and deliciousness. I’ve found that Dal can be a delicate dance between too spicy and not spiced enough, too stodgy or too soupy, too earthy or too acidy! You will obviously have your own opinion on these things and that’s kind of the beauty of Dal, it’s so versatile its a really easy dish to play around with and find your perfect balance of flavors which you love. And once you find it, it’s such a nice recipe to have in your repertoire as it’s so nourishing, really cheap and very cheerful! Simple Green Lentil …

Spiced Quinoa

This week I was chatting about batch cooking with my Yoga for Weight Release + Well Being class and how essential it is (especially when your weeks are busy!) to get out of the mindset of “I’m too busy to cook”…cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be a huge deal, it just takes a little getting used to and finding some recipes that you love, that are simple and that are literally as quick to make as making a sandwich!