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Deconstruct Your Asana | Warrior II

Warrior II | Virabradhrasana II Instruction: Begin by standing in Mountain Pose, toes facing the long edge of your mat. Extend arms out to the side and take a wide legged stance so your ankles are under your wrists. Turn your right foot so your toes are lined up with the top of your mat. Lift your left heel off your mat and turn toward the bottom of your mat to form a 30 degree angle. Move into a lunge with your right leg, stacking the knee over the ankle, the knee will track the middle toes. Lock the leg in place with a strong quad and press strongly into the foot. Pressing strongly into your left foot (both legs are working equally hard here), root down through the feet to rise the torso out of the hip points and turn the belly button towards the left (the right hip is open). Inhale and rise the arms up in line with shoulders, extending actively through the finger tips, while drawing the shoulders away from ears. …

Yoga Immersion | March

What better way to get ready for that glorious break at Easter than kick starting the holiday with a gorgeously extended Yoga session!   Join me at Aislinn Yoga Lodge in Waterville for 2.5 hours of Yoga, Relaxation, Healthy Nibbles, Tea + Chats on Saturday, 24 March at 10am.   This immersion class is suitable for all levels of ability. What makes this class different from a normal class is the beautiful addition of time. We get to spend a little bit longer in each element of our practice which increases the benefits all around. More time to connect allows your mind, body and spirit to go deeper into your practice, and if this sounds cliché, join me and you’ll see…I promise 😉   The cost is €40. To book your mat or to get some more info you can contact me here , by phone 0876861844 or by email   Spaces are limited, so be sure to book early.   Namasté, Alex xxx

Yoga Immersion

Join me at the beautiful Aislinn Yoga Lodge for a luxuriously long yoga immersion class. Yoga for pure enjoyment will be our theme as we treat ourselves to an extended asana practice, deep relaxation through yoga nidra and healthy nibbles specifically designed to make you feel great! This immersion is suitable for all levels of ability. Practicing in a relaxed an open way, you can ask questions, receive hands on adjustments or just settle into a quiet reflective practice, anything goes! Spaces are limited and tend to book up quickly so booking your mat early is advised. The cost is €40**. Call, text or FB for more info or to book your mat. 0876861844 Namasté Alex xx **Full payment together with completed registration form will be required by the 14 February to confirm booking.

Kids Yoga

Yoga for kids is gaining in popularity with good reason. Just as yoga can be an empowering life tool for adults, yoga for kids helps them adopt healthier habits, increases their confidence and encourages a more resilient outlook on life.