The CYN Approach

Yoga Based Solutions For Optimum Health + Happiness

What is a “yoga based solution”? If the phrase “take your practice off the mat” means something to you, then you will have a pretty good idea of what a yoga based solution for issues relating to health and happiness might look like. If that phrase means nothing to you then let me elaborate…

Yoga is so much more than just a form of exercise. The physical aspect of yoga or the asanas is the first layer in a set of guidelines for living a better, more whole, life. Why so many people become borderline obsessed with Yoga is because the physical practice tends to act as a gateway to becoming more connected with yourself as a whole person and the benefits are massive and can lead to a lifetime of self-study.

So lets take an example of how a Yoga Based Solution can help a very prevalent modern day problem. Weight Loss.

Weight loss is the primary reason people seek advice from a Nutritionist. Most of clients expect me to give them a diet plan and weigh them in every week. This is the normal approach, so why doesn’t it work? If losing weight was so simple as to go on a diet then honestly, there would be no problem! There has to be something missing from the dieting approach right?! Of course there is! So what is it?

The root cause of most health issues, whether they are physical or mental, is a fundamental disconnect between the body, the mind and the soul (see: spirit, personality, the essence of You, etc.). We live in a very fast paced world, with a billion distractions. Social media can literally high jack up to 75% of your mental activity throughout your day if you let it. This kind of lifestyle leaves very little time or room to check in with yourself.

What do I mean by check in with yourself? Think of it this way, how many times a day do you eat something that you know you shouldn’t? Either because you know it makes you feel bad physically (upset tummy, bloating, jittery, big high followed by big low) or it makes you feel bad mentally (guilt is the main one here) but you do it anyway.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Albert Einstein

And the reason we do this is because we are failing, day in, day out, to check in with ourselves. The only reason we do things that we know we shouldn’t is because we are ignoring our internal guidance, our intuition, our gut feeling, and living from the outside in. When we are truly tuned into what we need on a deeper level, we start to live from the inside out and this is where real health and happiness start to grow.

Yoga can help us reconnect with this inner guidance. We start by acknowledging what the physical body needs, which is to move and stretch and breath. Then we start to give the mind what it needs, a break! Learning how to quell the incessant chatter and relax is imperative to good health. It is also essential for learning how to be happy. Once you start to understand that there is something behind the voice you have in your head, this is where the real magic happens. This is your soul speaking.

Essentially, all we are doing is peeling back the layers that have formed over years of conditioning from our external environment and tapping into what we need as individuals. Not what the people who are trying to sell us things are telling us we need.

So think of a Yoga Based Solution as a journey to achieving your ultimate health and happiness for the long term, teaching you life skills that will permeate every aspect of your life, not just in the area that you think is causing you the most problems.

Going back to a Yoga Based Solution for Weight Loss, if you were to work with me with this goal in mind, a solution would look something like this:-

  • Establishing a regular yoga practice, either one to one, in a class setting or through online instruction (pre-recorded videos);
  • Establishing a daily meditation practice, with guided meditations tailored for you;
  • Goal setting and visualization exercises;
  • Nutrition advice, meal planning, shopping, cooking, batch cooking (referral to allergy testing if deemed necessary); and
  • Coaching. Coaching is about keeping you motivated and accountable to your goals and the actions you need to take reach your goals.

These are the pillars of a Yoga Based Solution and weight loss is not the only thing we can solve. When we start to look at the whole person and not just the individual problem, this opens the world of health up to a whole new level!

If you would like to learn more and arrange a consultation to chat about how we might find a Yoga Based Solution for your health, contact me below!

Namasté, Alex xx